Volunteer in Fundraising

Furever Friends Rescue & Transport (FFRAT) relies solely on donations to fund the care our dogs require. In order to continue to help homeless dogs, FFRAT has to raise money. Paying for the medical services of the dogs in our rescue program isn’t cheap. Right now, nearly all of our finances go towards medical services for our rescue dogs. We would like to be able to fully cover the cost of food, crates, toys, and other supplies that our foster homes often end up supplying for our dogs. Another important goal for us is to have the financial resources needed to admit even more dogs into our program. Fundraising gives us the funds we need to do more for the dogs.

Below are three ways you can volunteer to help us meet our fundraising goals.

General Fundraising

If you have people skills and the ability to encourage others to buy products or give donations, and if you can talk about who we are and what we do, then fundraising could be a good fit for you. We need people to widely spread our pleas for donations to a specific dog, for supplies, or for general support. We need help spreading the word both online and offline. The ability to make cold calls asking for donations of money, time, or services would be a definite plus.

Work at Our Fundraising and Networking Events

In this category, you would work at our fundraising and networking events when you are available. This is a great activity for a family to do together.

You would work with our fundraising planners and other fundraisers at events to collect donations and spread the word about FFRAT. You could also run a booth to sell products and hand out information about the dogs we have available for adoption. Finally, you would network with other pet related groups, people, and businesses on behalf of FFRAT.

Fundraising Planning

If you’re good at generating ideas and planning, then we could use your help to brainstorm and organize events for FFRAT to raise money and support within the community.

As a fundraising planner, you would work with our officers and other fundraising volunteers to plan events for fundraising or networking purposes. Planned events could be hosted by FFRAT alone, or FFRAT could team up with another rescue group. Another task would be finding events hosted by other animal groups or businesses and planning ways that members of FFRAT could attend and benefit our goals.

We also need people who can plan and organize adoption events so the FFRAT dogs get exposure that can enable quicker adoptions.

Lastly, contacting local businesses to ask for services, supplies, or sponsorship for our events would be very helpful. If you are creative and good at motivating people into action, then you could be invaluable to our fundraising efforts.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to join our group of volunteers, then please fill out our Volunteer Application. We look forward to you joining our team! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at volunteers@ffrat.org.