Rosie’s Happy Tail

Rosie the pug dog

Rosie, formerly known as Evie, is a happy camper in her new home. Here’s what her adopter has to say about her:

“She’s doing absolutely great!  She’s got energy for days, but we love her to pieces!  And she absolutely adores her big sis Sally.”

Rosie’s previous owners moved into an apartment that didn’t allow dogs. They gave her to their mom, but after medical issues arose, their mother could no longer care for young Rosie.

Thanks to FFRAT, Rosie has now found her loving forever home!

Update! April 22, 2013:

We’ve got some new info from Rosie’s owner about how Rosie’s doing lately:

“She is doing absolutely fantastic! We had a bit of a rough road the first few weeks getting acquainted with each other. She and Sally had a few tussles to work out dominance but they worked it out on their own and was it ever worth it. She hasn’t had an accident in the house since her first couple of weeks with us, she loves going for walks, playing with her toys and “guarding” Sally and I when we are in the yard. We go over to my dad’s a few times a week for them to play in his big fenced in yard and they have a ball.  She chases the toys and runs around with dad’s dog (a corgi) and wears herself out entirely. She’s a total snuggle bug and loves to be close to both Sally and I.  🙂  She’s just a sweet little girl who loves mommy and sister Sally. She has certainly become a very perfect member of our family and we just adore her!”