Karma’s Happy Tail

Karma the dog

Karma (formerly known as Polly) was surrendered by her owner to FFRAT. She was a show dog who wasn’t performing well due to her timid personality. What no one knew was that she was just trying to tell everyone she wanted to be a normal house dog without the stress of shows.

This pretty baby was fostered by FFRAT for a couple weeks before she went to a rescue group named Petropolis that’s located in Illinois. When she arrived at the other rescue group, she was immediately adopted  by a family that had adopted one of their dogs a few years ago. The family heard about Polly and were just waiting for her to come in.

Karma is now in a loving home with another sweet dog, some very nice boys, a mom, and a dad. The family decided to name her Karma because that’s how they felt she came into their lives.