Harper’s Happy Tail

Our rescue pooch Harper has officially found her forever home! Look below to see her with her new mom, Jane. Jane also has a happy tail to share about finding her new family member:

Harper and Jane

It was about a week before I was to move in with my sister (Harper’s foster momma) Julie in Louisville, KY when I received a picture of a Harper cuddling with Jack, the cat. With Julie being active in the local adoption organizations, I was accustomed to the weekly pictures I would receive of countless animals worthy of the best homes. Something stood out about this little hound mix though and I showed the picture to my friends constantly, awe-ing over Harper’s obviously gentle nature.

The longer I stayed with Julie, the more I realized that I couldn’t let this pup go. She had the perfect temperament and seemed to get along with everyone, animal or human. Julie and I took her to an adoption event to try and get her placed in a forever home, but that day I was hesitant to advertise her freely. I realized that I would be extremely upset if Harper were to go to another home.

Julie and I talked about it and decided there was no better fit for me than Harper, and vice versa. I’m very excited to begin training with Harper and building her confidence as she is still somewhat reserved. We know that she is a great swimmer, so we’ll be frequenting local swimming areas (and baby pools) constantly. She’s the best little love bug one can find!

Thanks a million! She’s great!!