Owner Admission Form

If you would prefer to work on your application over multiple sessions, or if you experience any difficulties with our adoption form below, an alternative Microsoft Word format of our Owner Admission Form is available for download. If you choose the download route, please email your completed form to admissions@ffrat.org.

Owner Admission Form

  • The following questionnaire provides us with information about how your dog behaved in many different circumstances while he or she was living with you. Because your dog is likely to behave in similar ways in his new home, this information will help us find the most suitable home for your dog and effectively counsel the new family. Your open and honest answers are very necessary and appreciated, so that we can do careful and successful adoptions.
  • Agreement

  • How does your dog usually behave towards the following? Please check the boxes that apply.

  • If you selected Shows Teeth/Growls, Snaps or Bites in the table above, please answer the following questions. If this doesn't apply, then skip these questions.

  • Medical History

  • Check if your dog has ever shown any of the following aggressive behaviors when handled by a veterinarian or groomer.

  • Section