How to Adopt Through FFRAT

Our top goal is to pair each of our dogs and adopters with their ideal matches. We want to find forever homes for our dogs. That means we take the time to carefully consider a dog’s personality, energy level, and specific needs in order to match them with a new owner’s lifestyle and expectations. When you adopt through us, we want you to get the absolutely right dog for you: a dog that will be your best friend and a part of your family forever.

Priority for adopting a particular dog will be given to adopters based on how well their needs match the needs of the dog in question and the date an adopter was approved to adopt through FFRAT.

Adoption Process

We go through the following steps with those who adopt from us. The adoption counselors are available to answer any questions you might have and work with you throughout the entire process.

1. Apply. The very first step is to fill out an application and email it to You can indicate in your application if you are interested in a particular age range or gender of dog. Our Adoption Application is available here. We will be looking to see if you meet our standards for adopters while we are considering your application.

2. We’ll contact you. An adoption counselor will contact you by phone or email to set up a time to talk with you about your application and about dogs in general.

3. References. We will need to talk to your veterinarian if you have one. If you don’t yet have a vet, we will speak to your personal references.

4. The home visit. We require that someone from our rescue organization visits your home. During this home visit, all household members who will be a part of the dog’s new life must be present. We do this to get a feel for the home life and environment a dog would experience in your home.

5. Final approval decision. The adoption counselor will notify you shortly after the home visit to let you know if the adoption has been approved.

6. Adoption fee and contract. There will be an adoption contract for you to sign before you can bring your new dog home. FFRAT charges an adoption fee that is due before the adoption can be finalized.

After that, you and your new dog will start a new life together! But don’t worry, the adoption counselors will continue to be available to provide guidance during the initial adjustment period and for the following months.

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