About Us

We are Furever Friends Rescue & Transport (FFRAT), a nonprofit corporation based in Louisville, Kentucky that was born from the desire to save the lives of dogs that had no other options.

FFRAT’s mission is keeping companion pets off the streets, out of shelters, and in loving homes through community support, education, and adoption.

FFRAT is entirely supported by donations, fundraisers, and volunteers. We receive no federal, state, or local funding of any kind. The success of our rescue program and our ability to carry out our mission depends on the generosity of our supporters.

Our Rescue Program

Our rescue program aims to adopt homeless dogs into forever homes or place them with other rescue organizations better suited to finding a loving home for a particular dog.

The dogs that enter our program come to us directly from animal shelters and rescues from veterinarian offices.

Our commitment to every dog entering our program encompasses both their physical and emotional needs. Comprehensive care that focuses on each dog as an individual is provided in a supportive, nurturing environment, with the goal of preparing them for placement in a suitable forever home.

We do make a difference…one day and one dog at a time!

Our History

In September of 2011, Bridget Williams and Judy Weber founded Furever Friends Rescue & Transport because they were driven by compassion to save dogs in danger of being euthanized from shelters. Their original efforts focused on placing the dogs with other no-kill rescue organizations that had the resources to find a forever home for each dog.

FFRAT was officially incorporated in January of 2012. As the number of volunteers dedicated to FFRAT’s cause has grown, we have been able to keep dogs with foster families and find forever homes for them ourselves.

Those that try to make a difference in the world of pet rescue know that the need for rescue is overwhelming due to the overpopulation of companion animals. Bridget, Judy, and FFRAT in general intend to continue doing our best to meet the ongoing needs of homeless dogs in Kentucky and Indiana.

As of February 2013, we have helped 35 dogs find their way to new loving homes. We are now an official 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, and with help from donations and volunteers, we aim to help over 100 dogs in 2013.